Cambio Is Change

The only constant is change. In a world that’s shifting faster than ever before, we believe that nothing should stand still, from the products we produce to the ways we produce them. Our very name, Cambio, translates to “change” in Italian, and it’s at the core of everything we do. At Cambio, we see the opportunity to bring a unique solution to the world of architectural wall design.

With the Cambio Wall System, beautifying a space is simple, flexible, and fun. Our patent pending design makes the creation and installation of an architectural wall easier than ever before. Part of the joy of Cambio is the ability to change the design at any time, switch things out, and see something new. As you and your space change and evolve, so can your Cambio Wall System.

Minimal style  living room 3d render.There are concrete floor,white wall.Finished with beige color furniture,The room has large windows. Looking out to see the scenery outside.

Building with Cambio

Cambio is aligned with this changing world: we hold a deep understanding that nothing is stagnant and that innovation, flexibility, and sustainability are necessary values of the modern economy. We understand that the best designs are simple, beautiful, and enjoyable to use. In creating Cambio, we combined these values into a single, breakthrough wall system. Every rail, magnet, and panel holds the essence of these beliefs. When you use Cambio, you’re not just transforming a wall into a functional piece of art, you’re sharing our vision of building a better world through innovation and design.

Reduce, Reuse, Re-Cambio

In the spirit of “waste not, want not,” Cambio strives to make use of what’s already there. The ability to easily exchange panels is one of the hallmarks of the Cambio Wall System. Instead of our materials going to a landfill at their end-of-life, our recycling program refurbishes and resells them for future use in other designs. Repurposing panel materials such as aluminum and wood, and reuse of structural components such as our magnets and rails systems means that we rely less on virgin materials, increase our product lifetime and circularity, and ensure recycling at our product’s end-of-life.

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