Designer Series

Form, line, color, and texture weave together in Cambio’s elevated Designer Series. Featuring two collections from artists Michael Golden and Wade Martin, these stunning panels have been envisioned and crafted to transform any wall into a sculptural centerpiece. Featuring carefully conceived shapes and materials, lighting designers and architects alike can explore the play of light and shadow across multiple panel configurations. With ease and flexibility always in mind, Cambio’s Designer Series makes it simpler than ever to curate true artistry within a space.

Designer Series - Michael Golden: Bilateral
Designer Series - Wade Martin: Facets, Flow, and Mazing

Wade Martin

Engage the inviting textures of these Designer Series panels from artist Wade Martin. Raised in Walla Walla, Washington, Wade is a self-taught, exploratory artist who pulls inspiration from everything in the world around him. With a deep appreciation for human subjectivity, he believes the best conversations about art happen when people can approach a work up-close. His designs invite the viewer to both look and touch, creating an immersive installation that speaks to the senses on a more intimate level.

Michael Golden

Explore the metamorphosing wall designs from artist Michael Golden. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and a resident of New York City for the past thirty years, he has worked extensively with the U.S. tile and mosaic industries, designing and crafting works for both individual commissions and the mass market. Pulling from his extensive work with stone, glass, ceramic, metal, and wood, the Golden Series invites the viewer to engage the changing possibilities within pattern and texture.

Designer Series - Golden: Contour - Maple Pattern
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