Designed with care in collaboration with Michael DiBlasi and Gregory Rothweiler of the River Light Group, add soft lighting and visual interest to medical, office, and hospitality spaces with Cambio’s Geometrics light panels. By combining Acoustic felt Cambio panels with your choice of geometric light inserts, you can add dimension, illumination, and acoustic properties to a wall design with ease.

Available Size
18″ X 18″

Geometrics Spec Sheet

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Geometric Colors

Jet, Pewter, Light Grey, Cobalt, Lime, Orange

Geometric Design

4 Circles, 9 Circles, 3 Circles, 3 Bars, 1 Slanted Bar, 1 Vertical Bar, 3 Diamonds, 1 Diamond, Scattered Shapes

Wooden frame office interior with white walls, a wooden floor and rows of computer desks. A side view. 3d rendering mock up
Grey chairs in dining room, mockup copy space white wall. Large dining room near big window with city view, marble floor 3D rendering, no people