Cambio Wall System

A Fast, Flexible Approach to Architectural
Wall Design, now with Lighting ....

Introducing a new Lighting Collection featuring panels for acoustics,
wayfinding, branding and illumination. 


Perfect to mix and match with our other collections. 


2020 Product Innovation Award


Our Materials

Thoughtfully chosen for visual depth, beauty, and utility, Cambio Panels come in a variety of striking textures, colors, sizes, and materials.


 Online Visualizer

Get Inspired. Build Your Wall. Define Your Space.

Design your wall instantly with the Cambio Visualizer.

With the Visualizer, you can:

  • Set wall size.
  • Design from scratch or use a template.
  • Place your wall into a scene.
  • Save, share, and print your design.
  • Determine the number of panels needed for your project.
  • Request a quote.
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Reduce, Reuse, Re-Cambio

In the spirit of “waste not, want not,” Cambio strives to make use of what’s already there. The ability to easily exchange panels is one of the hallmarks of the Cambio Wall System. Instead of our materials going to a landfill at their end-of-life, our recycling program refurbishes and resells them for future use in other designs. Repurposing panel materials such as aluminum and wood, and reuse of structural components such as our magnets and rails systems means that we rely less on virgin materials, increase our product lifetime and circularity, and ensure recycling at our product’s end-of-life.


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